We are so excited about our Kid’s Couch to 5k Training Program. Kids running programs is a great way to introduce them to sports. We believe it is important that all children should be active and set small exercise goals for themselves. This program will allow each child to set small goals to accomplish the overall goal of completing a 5K, which is 3.1 miles.

Program Information

 The program will be held July 5, 2021 until October 9, 2021. Practice will be held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings from 6pm to 7pm. We are requesting everyone to please be on time as we will start on time. Please make sure your child(ren) is hydrated. Consumed a well balanced meal throughout the day. We recommend water for proper hydration and a recovery drink during and after practice (gatorade, powerade, or any other sports drink). We do not recommend any soda and/or sugar filled drinks before or during practice. Please no snacks and or heavy food 45 minutes prior to practice.

Registration Information

Registration will open June 1, 2021  at 12pm. Our registration fee is $45 per child (non refundable). We are accepting ages 6-16. There will be 15 available spots. Once they are filled, registration will close.  Each child will receive a t-shirt.

Recommended Practice Clothing

  1. Sports Bra or Training Bra for of age girls
  2. Proper running shoes are required (no vans, converse,  jordans, and any other flat shoe) 
  3.  Long or short sleeve shirt (wicking shirt recommended)
  4. Tights, sweat pants, shorts, and or joggers
  5.  Hat and gloves (colder days) 

Practice Location