A Touch of Speed® (ATOS) is a youth organization located in North Charleston, South Carolina. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We have been serving the community since 2019.


Our mission is to provide a fun, safe, and supportive environment for all youth that participate in our programs. To help cultivate their lives and challenge their minds, bodies, and content of character.


Believing in yourself is half the battle. As a coach, I believe that building confidence in each athlete is important. Ensuring they believe in themselves as much as we do is a key to their overall success not only in this program, but in life as well.

Age Requirement

We accept athletes from the ages 7 to 17.


A Touch of Speed participates in the USATF and AAU sanctions.

Certified Coaches

USATF Level I and USATF Level II

We have served over 100 athletes in our community!

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Team Requirements

    1. All athletes must maintain an overall C average. However, if an athlete is failing in any of his/her classes they will not be able to participate at track meets until the grade has been brought up to at least a C.
    2. Submission of report cards are required to register and should be submitted every quarter
    3. All athletes must complete a physical. If a physical form is not provided by the third week of practice, the athlete will not be allowed to return until a completed physical form is provided.
    4. All athletes will be tested within the first two weeks of training. This will determine their travel status to some of the meets.
    5. All athletes must participate in team fundraising efforts.
    6. All athletes must wear team uniforms and warm-ups to every track meet. No exceptions. If they attend a meet without the proper attire they will not participate in the meet.
You decide your path

Program Options


Registration has closed 

($110 deposit non-refundable)

The registration fee includes the following:

    • -at least two track and field meets (Columbia, SC and Mt. Pleasant)
    • -Training from February until June. (Tuesday and Thursday)
    • -Team hoodie, t-shirt, and shorts
    • -Equipment and other fees
    • -will not compete in sanctioned events hosted by USATF and AAU, which include district and state meets.


Registration has closed
($200 deposit non-refundable)
7th-12th grade only

The registration fee will include the following:

    • -USATF and AAU membership fee.
      -Team uniform and warm-ups.
      -Three days of training from October to February.

*This will require a lot of traveling.


Registration has closed

($200 deposit non-refundable)

The registration fee will include the following:

    • -USATF and AAU membership and club sanction fees.
    • -Team uniform and warm-ups.
    • -Coaches membership fee
    • -Three to four days of training from at least January to June. Post season training (June to August)
    • -Equipment and Other fees


Be prepared to step outside the norm to do something special.

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