A Touch of Speed ™ (ATOS) is a youth track and field organization located in North Charleston, South Carolina. They are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Their mission is to provide a safe, supportive, and fun environment for youth athletes in the Tri-County area. To ensure each athlete achieve the highest level of competition to further transcend their lives and to challenge their minds, bodies, and content of character on and off the track and field.

Our season was cut short due to the pandemic last year, however, this year we’ve had a very successful year. We had 30 youth athletes that participated in the USATF and AAU Track and Field sanctions. Throughout the year the coaching staff and team took on the motto “Progression not Perfection”. Every athlete continued to progress throughout the season, which was the goal.

This year the organization participated at the AAU Regional and District Meets. Out of the 30 athletes that participated at both meets, 13 athletes qualified for the AAU Junior Olympic Championships in Humble, Texas. Only nine athletes attended.   

USATF Junior Olympic Championships

 Twelve athletes participate at the 2021 USATF Junior Olympic Championship held July 26th through August 1st in Jacksonville, Florida. This year participants were Bryson Bates, Jalaya Howard-Parker, Chloe Leak Edwards, Ireland Murphy, Saniya Williams, Asia Denson, Elijah Thomas, Kourtney Horne, DeMarie Washington, Sophie Webber, Skylar Gates, and Cailyn Webber.

We would like to recognize our three USATF Junior Olympic Championships All-Americans: Skylar Gates placed 6th in racewalk (10-11 girls), Sophie Webber placed 4th in racewalk (10-11 girls), and Cailyn Webber placed 1st in triple jump (13-14 girls).

AAU Junior Olympic Games

Nine athletes participated at the 2021 AAU Junior Olympic Games held July 30th through August 7th, in Humble, Texas. This year participants were Mariya Smith-Commodore, Taylor Smith-Commodore, Naadia Rampersant, Elijah Thomas, Jaylen Williams, Saniya Williams, Amaris Carter, Cailyn Webber, and Sophie Webber.

We would like to recognize our AAU Junior Olympic Games All-American: Naadia Rampersant placed 1st in the high jump (12u girls).

We would like to thank our awesome coaching staff, Coach Eboni Thompkins-Webber, Coach Q Washington, Coach Travis Williams, Coach Tyrone Street, Coach Wayne Thomas, and parent volunteers for all their hardwork and dedication to ensure this team had a successful year. We would also like to thank the athletes, parents, donors, and sponsors for your continued support throughout the year.

Registration for our 2022 season will start in October. Please make sure to follow our social media platforms and visit our website to keep up with all things A Touch of Speed™.