Registration Information

Thank you all for your interest in A Touch of Speed Track and Field Program. New member registration closed November 13, 2021. We will open registration again in February for high school track and field athletes that want to extend their season. 



Practice Schedule

Practice will start on November 8, 2021. Pre season practice will be held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 6:30pm until 8pm. We will add Wednesday to the schedule at the end of February. Practice location will be provided once you have registered.



Practice Attire

    • Sports bra or training bra for of age girls
    • Proper running show are required (no vans, converse, jordans, and any other flat shoe)
    • Long or short sleeve shirt (wicking shirt recommended)
    • Tights, sweat pants, shorts, and or joggers
    • Hat and gloves (colder days)

Registration Fee

Registration fee is $250 +transaction fee (non-refundable) for and individual child. Registration fee is $500 + transaction fee with a 10% discount applied for two athletes. To reserve your child(ren) spot you must pay a deposit of at least $125 for on child and $225 for two  children. The final payment is due November 29, 2021. If you need assistance in paying fees, please let us know. We have scholarships available. You must meet a certain criteria to be eligible. We also can provide you with sponsorship and/or donation letter for you to raise the additional funds for your child(ren), however, a deposit is still required. Please contact us for that information.


The registration fee will cover the following:

  • Uniform (t-shirt, warm-ups, and track top and bottom)
  • USATF Membership
  • AAU Membership

*note: uniforms will be ordered immediately



Required document:

  • Copy of athlete’s birth certificate
  • Athlete’s report card
  • Physical Form


Additional Expenses: 

Track Meet Entry Fees: $16 to $26 per meet

*The entry fees will be required a month or two prior to meet we are attending.

Hotel Expenses


Forms of Payment Accepted

Cash, Card, Check, Money Order

Card Transactions

If you are paying by card or online, a transaction fee may be applied to the overall cost.

Returned Checks

If a check is returned unpaid by the issuer’s bank, the issuer is required to settle the outstanding money owed, including all applicable fees, in cash or money order. Failure to do so will prohibit the athlete from participating.